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His statement implied that i was racist but all I was trying to be was safe.

A friend of mine has also been a victim of guys who wear the condom and then take it off during sex.

I can definitely make sure that the gentlemen will put on their hats before coming in when they come to my place but when I go to theirs I have to live in doubt.

The amount of manipulation that goes into the process of having sex bareback in the U. So today i am going to tell you the story of that time, a guy convinced me to have unprotected sex with him by calling me a racist. It was a stressful day in the library, the kind of day that you were just sweatpants and your greasy hair and are trying to finish a paper.

I was already pretty excited and on my second drink when he grabbed my leg. He was pretty social too so he bought two drinks to the lesbian couple sitting across the bar watching their team lose on american football ion TV. We talked about the refugee crisis, Greece and Trump. After 3 hours we went to my place and we had the best sex ever. Talked more , had more sex, he went to pick up some more condoms. But in the end, after 2 weeks and countless conversations we decided to meet at that same bar.

Then he analyzed me his theory that you have to touch someone three times before you kiss them. We talked about our favorite writers and our artistic projects. I was already kinda mad at him for leaving me hanging for so long but that first date was so good I really wanted more.

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