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Pomeroy is the only incorporated city in Garfield County and still maintains it historic function as the countys commercial and business center.The District is also eligible under Criterion C as an excellent collection of primarily commercial buildings dating from the 1880s, the initial period of the towns expansion, to the early 1950s when the community benefited from the prosperity of the post-World War II era.The town, platted on 26 December 1877 was formed only a few months before the town of Pomeroy was surveyed. Competition as the leading business center was fierce between Pataha and Pomeroy.

Pomeroy purchased land from Walter Sunderland on Pataha Creek, and built his log home.

The Broad Themes of Settlement, Agriculture, and Commerce are represented in the District.

The Washington Territorial legislature created Garfield County from a portion of Columbia County on 29 November 1881. Garfield who was assassinated in July 1881, Garfield County covers approximately 714 square miles and is one of the least populated counties in Washington State with a current population of 2,342 (Garfield County and Pomeroy Comp Plan, pp. The county seat, Pomeroy is the business, governmental, and community center of Garfield County and the only incorporated city in the county.

The trail between the communities of Walla Walla, Washington, and Lewiston, Idaho became a major stage route hauling freight, supplies, and people.

The settlement around the current town of Dayton (35 miles southwest of Pomeroy) became a regular stop on the stage route to the mines. Pomeroy ventured by stage to Dayton from his home near Salem, Oregon, to work at the stage stop for a season.

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