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Prior to the Euroamerican settlement of the Columbia Plateau, native peoples including bands of Walla Walla, Cayuse, Palouse and Nez Perce traveled through the land that would later become Garfield County.These indigenous people established trails used by explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark; the first Euroamericans to pass through the region on their overland route to the Pacific.Lewis and Clark traveled through on their return trip in May 1806, camping about five miles east of present-day Pomeroy.Over the next fifty years, trappers, missionaries, and military personnel crossed the region as the struggle to control the vast Oregon Country progressed.

Miners passed through present-day Garfield County on their way to the gold mines of Idaho on trails once used by native people.The Broad Themes of Settlement, Agriculture, and Commerce are represented in the District.The Washington Territorial legislature created Garfield County from a portion of Columbia County on 29 November 1881. Garfield who was assassinated in July 1881, Garfield County covers approximately 714 square miles and is one of the least populated counties in Washington State with a current population of 2,342 (Garfield County and Pomeroy Comp Plan, pp. The county seat, Pomeroy is the business, governmental, and community center of Garfield County and the only incorporated city in the county.The interior of the Washington Territory did not begin attracting settlers until after hostilities between the native people and emigrants decreased in the late 1850s.After this time, isolated homesteaders began claiming land in present-day Garfield Countys fertile valleys.

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