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And every brand new account has a default 1 post karma and 1 comment karma, so a new user would really only need 8 more karma to reach the minimum."But why? It's all part of /r/r4r's neverending battle against bots, spammers, scammers, catfish, trolls, harassers, and low quality individuals that don't want to take any time to learn about reddit or /r/r4r.

This rule will cut down on the prevalence of several of these elements although it will certainly not remove them completely.

In my free time I enjoy pretending I’m a dog owner by watching dogs through Rover, going on road trips, nights out with my friends, movie nights in, and attempting to stay off Amazon.

I’m a pretty no nonsense, honest kind of person who doesn’t beat around the bush but I’m well aware of the feelings of others.

I am not very good at writing these things so please forgive me!

I'm just a guy in a wheelchair seeing if there is anyone out there that would be willing to give me a chance.

If you're confused about where you've landed, this is the gist of this place - "r4r" stands for "redditor for redditor" and is meant to be the de facto reddit community for people meeting people for anything.

For those that can't easily see the sidebar, here is a screenshot:[SIDEBAR]Hey, what's up, /r/r4r? This is a followup to a previous post by fellow mod, /u/Scuba95: [META] Important changes to posting rules/r/r4r now has a karma minimum that needs to be met in order to post and comment.I have a large collection of soft, fuzzy blankets and fortunes from fortune cookies for some reason. I go to Whole Foods about a thousand times a month. It’s a long shot but I hang out with old people all day and the likelihood of meeting a gentleman under 80 there is preeeeeetty small! 🤷‍♀️ when you’re a bigass woman yourself, who am I to judge based on height?I work as a nursing home social worker right now but I’m finishing up a degree in business before starting another one.So far nothing has worked for me on apps and the such.No one has been interested or even talked to me :(.

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