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And on a very quiet, dark and mosquito-filled night, dare I even say I miss some of the drama? I suppose I could sell this place and leave here for something akin to my old life, but I am not well enough to sustain a relationship, or a normal job. We lie in side-by-side hammocks holding hands, whispering to each other while we watch the shooting stars that mark nearly every night.

There are nurse sharks, and peregrine falcons, and black cormorants, and iguanas, and scorpions galore. I eat flower salad on the daily (made entirely of edible flowers), with fresh coconut or lime or banana or tropical cherries I planted myself in the yard.

It’s like lying in a hammock while you sail across the waves – and on a good day, I sometimes feel as if I could go forever.

Here in the Everglades, living down by the edge of the ocean, I celebrated my birthday by climbing into a kayak and setting off into the salt water for parts unknown, on my own.

I eat many plants that have no English names, but are full of bitterness and vitality. I’ve regained some muscle, and lowered the inflammation a bit.

My immune system seems to have stabilized, and is not actively attacking my organs anymore. And, living in this remote part of the world, I am intensely lonely.

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