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He has penetrated its mines, explored its caves, and followed the meanderings of its principal rivers. He was one of the most prominent members of the bar during his day, was called by his fellow citizens to fill many offices of trust and profit under the territorial government and the borough of Vincennes. It smoothed the flinty pathwa}' up which he toiled from pinching poverty to prominence and comparative wealth; it was strongly in evidence in his course from the shovel on the section to a soft seat in the State House ; nor was it wanting in his achieve- ments as student, as educator, as politician, and as business man in found- ing and building one of Indiana's greatest financial institutions, the State Life Insurance Company, all of which he compassed within a period of twenty-five years, and before he had reached forty-one. The subject of this sketch is probably the most remarkable man that ever lived and died in Dubois county.

The writer has been upon practically every farm in the county, and in every church and school house. The Western Sun printed the session acts of the territorial legis- lature, up until 1 8 14. General Washington Johnson, one of the commissioners to select a site for the county seat of Dubois county was a native of Culpepper county, Virginia. and remained there continu- ously in the active practice of law until his death, which occurred October 26, 1833. Sweeney's distinct and pleasing personality was his platform, and through it his rapid and unusual success was largely attained.

In presenting this history the author desires to say that the work has been performed with extraordinary care, and at no small expense. Henry 81 Bee hunting 82 Honey 82 Bee habits 82, 83 ■Survival of the fittest ^i Deer 83 Deer paths ^3 Black bears ^3 Wolves ^4 Wild hogs ^4 First entry on existing official records 84 Other entries 84, 85 Native products °5 Fox hunting ''^ 12 WILSON'S HISTORY OF DUBOIS COUNTY, Pioneer liunters Indian burials . Condict 162 At the Cumberland Presbyterian Church 163 First two story brick residence in Dubois county 163 Real estate owners in Dubois county up to 1S31 163 B. The line of travel is the line of intelligence, and this old trace was certainly a line of intelligence in its day. In November, 1902, he and two other members of city school boards, founded " The Indiana Association of School Boards," and Mr. In concluding this biographical sketch, and from our personal knowl- edge of our subject, we feel justified in saying that Mr.

Not only is it an epitome of the silent past — it is also a story of the splendid life of an ambitious, growing ■county, hardly yet conscious of its ever expanding strength. 74, 75 Milk sickness; cause 76 A day of public prayer -6 List of smaller varieties of vegetation 76, 77 Effect on climate of the removal of vegetation ; on health 77 Abraham Lincoln Daniel Boone /' CHAPTER VI. Forest birds 79 Water birds 79 Eagles 79 Swans 80 Ducks 80 Woodpeckers 80 Turkeys 80 Ravens 80 Paraquets 80 Pigeon roosts at Huntingburg; at St. 122 Shooting matches ' 22 Drill days for the local militia J 22 Militia laws 122 Militia officers 122-123 Election day at Jasper 123 Fights 323 The pioneer politician 1 23 County clerk and recorder 1 24 Goodlet Morgan's letter 124-125 Jonathan Walker 125 Two-wheeled vehicles 125 First white boy born in Dubois county — Allen Mc Donald 126 CHAPTER XI. Nancy Weathers i6i Record of Testitnony 162 Court held at the house of James H . For years all the material used in the publication of The Western Sun passed through Dubois county over this old trace. At his second re-election, he is said to have received the largest individual vote ever given a candidate for any office in the history of that citj'.

If this opportunity should not be improved, a large amount of interest- ing data concerning Dubois county might be lost. Each chapter is a unit in itself, covering one subject, or one line of thought upon a subject. In the writer's opinion the book should be read as the chapters are numbered, but any one chapter treating of a specific subject may be read without reading: the others. The chapter on Military History, after covering the record up to i S6i, considers the record made in the Civil War, by regiments, and this is, in a measure, self-indexed. 38, 39 Mc Donalds 30, 38 Piankishaw Indians 30 Fort Butler 31 Fort Farris 31 Dubois county created 31 Portersville, the count}' seat 32 John Niblack 33 Jasper, the county town 33 Dr. 33 Dubois county library 34 Seal 34 Organization day 34 List of land owners 34 Census of 1820 35 Record of Mc Donald family 3^ Captain John Sherritt 39 Coroner Robert Stewart 39 CHAPTER II. Knowledge of natural objects add to our appreciation of them 41 Exact location of Dubois county 4^ Of the soldiers' monument 42 Size of Dubois county 42 Altitudes of a few places 42 lo WILSON'S HISTORY OF DUBOIS COUNTY. Patoka river receives the surface drainage 42 Slope of hills; cause . Cooper in Boone township 43 Level tract northwest of Jasper 43 The glacial drift 43 Probability of oil and gas in Boone and Madison townships 43 Patoka river during pre-glacial times; high banks of river on the south and probable cause 44 Frog Island 44 Enlow's mill 44 Patoka Lake Plain 45 Government ditches 45 Lime stone deposits in Columbia township 45 Stone coal 45. 47 Infusorial earth 47 Sand stone • • 47 The Silver Well 47, 48, 49 Annuity salt 48 David Dale Owen appointed State Geologist 481 49 Report of 1838 4S Vowell cave in Columbia township; mouth and interior 50 Description of Vowell cave 50, 51. Judge Arthur Harbison, who bought land in Dubois county just twenty-five days after Capt. Father Kundeck was five feet, ten inches high, with a broad forehead, oval face, aquiline nose, round chin, small mouth, light brown hair and blue eyes. Upon the street, in citizen's dress, as well as before the altar in the dignity of his cloth, he commanded and received the confidence and respect of all men.

The chapter on Church History, after covering the county as a unit, takes up, in detail, the local church history by townships ; hence, this is also, in a measure, self-indexed. An examination of the book will soon show that it may be readily used as a local book of reference. 42 Report of State Geologist Cox 43 Of State Geologist Blatchley 43 The highland home of Mrs. 4^ The great book of Nature, open and free, in Dubois County 46 CHAPTER 111. Dubois made the first purchase, and for whom Harbison township was named, lies buried on the trace. His labor for the spiritual is so closely connected with his labor for the temporal welfare of his people that no attempt shall be made to separate them. Joseph Kundeck was born in Johannich, province of Croatia, in the empire of Austria-Hungary, Friday, August 24, 1810.

If the reader gains from it as much satisfaction as the author has enjoyed in gathering and compiling the material he will consider himself amply repaid. , 71 •Gigantic iceberg _ ^ Three peculiar discoveries _2 Cooper hill -2 Patoka Lake Plain -, Yalue of county's original timber -2 Topography of county _2 Natural forest trees 79 7- Tulip poplar -,, Thick, dark forests. Life in Dubois county 99 Water, the great highway upon which pioneers traveled 99 Creeks bear the names of early settlers 99 Blazing a path through the forest 99 The Buffalo trace and its importance as an overland route 100 Buffalo Pond 100 The first paper in Indiana loi Corduroy roads, forts and taverns ... Their Homes, Social Life, Labors, Characteristics and Nativity. Building sites 105 I louse raising 105 Dinner at house raising time 105 Puncheons 106 Clapboards 106 Divorces 106 Neighborly calls 107 Spinning 107 Industry of pioneer women 107 Homespun clothing 107 Stick chimneys 108 The sugar camp lo S Spelling matches 108 Block houses 108 Fort Mc Donald, Fort Farris, Fort Butler lo S Oldest map of Dubois county 109 The character of the pioneer of the Irish settlement 109 Courts 109 Judges 109 Hon. 114 The six townships and population of each n S Exports of county. New Year n7 The first Thanksgiving Day proclamation n 7 Independence Day 117 The spirit of 1776 117 Revolutionary pensioners n 8 Indian wars n S 14 WILSON'S HISTORY OF DUBOIS COUNTY. Buffalo trace 1 44 Ox teams 145 Caleche 145 State roads 145 Old Troy road 145 Taverns . 150 Difficulty of travel 150 Early citizens of Dubois county who owned flat boats 151 Flat boat pilots 151 Dangerous points in the Mississippi river ;' 15 r, 152 Steamboats .' 152 Jokes 152 Pork 153 Indentured servants 153 CHAPTER XIII. Complete LIv ST of Real Ev STate Owners Up to December 31, 1830. Edmonston 167, 16S Esquire Henry Bradley's account of early days at Jasper 169 CHAPTER XIV. The early schools, teachers and pupils 170 Early books, methods and educational opportunities 171 Rev. 180 Graduates 1S4 Prominent teachers 1S4 Education in general 185 Parochial schools 185 Jasper College 185 Ferdinand Academy ; 187 Hon. Hosea Smith saved the life of a child of the Indian chief by preventing the white guards from shooting it. The law also provided that all the courts were to be "holden at the house of said Hosea Smith" until the court house of Pike county was constructed. The owmer, Elihu Stout, determined to re-establish his paper and on July 4, 1S07, again issued his paper, which he then called The Western San. This Board was organized January I, 1900, and he was elected vice-president.

I m Ic ^■•'1 C^ 977.237 W69h 1217087 fo^ A , ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 00094 6654 Gc 977.201 D85w W1LBON7 George R. History of Dubois County from its primitive days, HISTORY OF DUBOIS COUNTY 3^^-'^'-^ FROM ITS PRIMITIVE DAYS TO 1910 INCLUDING BIOGRAPHIES OF CAPT. He surveyed mile after mile of its original boundary lines, traversed thousands of its acres, and ran the level of many of its streams. 26 Traces 27 Settlements 28 Hosea Smith 29 Indiana Gazette 29 Western Sun 29 Gen. His book was the first law book printed in Indiana, and the paper used in the book was car- 30 WILSON'S HISTORY OF DUBOIS COUNTY. James Harbison, Sr., of this county, a pensioner of the Revolutionary War, who was born in 1763, and who was nearly eighty years of age at the time of his death, was a "trace resident." Col. A scholar and a gentle- man in the wilderness of Dubois county as well as in the dignified courts and crowded cities of Europe was he.

He examined thousands of pages of its local official records, original muster rolls, famih^ Bibles, wills, newspapers, old personal letters, passports, com- missions, land patents, deeds, and scores of inscriptions upon gravestones and monuments. He made the first compilation of the laws of Indiana territory. The recital of the facts in this sketch may have the air of romance, but they are, nevertheless, the plain truth about one whose identity with Dubois county will not be soon forgotten, and " truth is stranger than fic- tion." It certainly portrays the great possibilities of a determined Ameri- can youth, who, soon after he learned Latin, adopted as the motto of his life, aut viam invejiiam, autfaciani — " I shall find a way or make it." CHAPTER XV. In the commercial world he would have been a "captain of in- dustry. He asked no rest, acknowl- edged no fatigue, and knew no such word as fail.

9^ Government surveys 9^ Buckingham's base line 9^ Second principal meridian.. Joseph Kundeck, Vicar-General of Vin- c ENNEs, Missionary to Dubois County. 255 Jury spring 255 Early president judges 256 Fines remitted . 256 Early prosecutors 256 Early law terms 256 Mill dams 256 Common law forms 256 Adoption of the code ^S" i8 WILSON'S HISTORY OF DUBOIS COUNTY. Pioneer officers' salaries 257 President judges, side judges, squires 257 Court attractions 257 L/ist of early lawyers 257 Biographies of early judges 258 Names of judges 260 Probate courts 261 Common pleas court 261 List of prosecutors in the court of common pleas 261 Walker murder trial 262 Death of Sheriff Woolridge 262 Weaver and Thurman trials 262 A death penalty verdict 262 Death of deputy sheriffs ; the Reeves case 262 White Caps 263 Judge Welborn 263 List of prosecutors 263 List of attorneys 263 County officials 264 John Mc Donald, a justice 265 Early elections 265 Republican county officials 265 Voting power of the county in 1849 266 Associate j udges 266 Probate judges 266 Notaries public 267 Swamp land officials, 267 Sheriffs 267 Clerks ... 294 Civil War record 295 Home guards 296 Names of soldiers 297-302 Original six townships 297 Flag of the Twenty-seventh 309 Medals for Lieut. 360 Celestine 360 Ellsworth 36 1 20 WILSON'S HISTORY OF DUBOIS COUNTY. Jefl Ferson township 361 Birdseye 361 Schnellville 362 Mentor 363 Jackson township 363 St. Henry 369 Holland 369 Ferdinand township 370 Ferdinand 371 CHAPTER XX. Its Modern, Political, Social, Fraternal, and Commercial Life. In those days a surveyor was an important factor in county affairs. It may be said truthfully that nearly every life company, mutual or stock, organized in the United States in the last fifteen years, copied the plans of the State Life of Indiana, and "imi- tation is sincerest flattery." In 1S98, Mr.

Early church services 207 Early ministers 208 Earl}' church houses 209 The Rev. County court organized 255 Early county officials 255 Early court scenes .... 287 Military roads 288 A fight with the Indians 2S9 The militia of Dubois county under Indiana's first constitution 289 The pioneers' " Forty-third regiment" 291 Mexican War record . Columbia township 346 Hillham 347 Crystal 347 Cuzco 347 Harbison township 348 Thales 349 Kellerville 349 Haysville 349 Dubois 349 Boone township 35^ Portersville 353 Wm. Sherritt 354 Madison township 354 Millersport 354 Ireland 355 Bainbridge township 35^ Jasper 356 Maltersville 359 Marion township 359 Hall township. 364 Huntingburg 365 Duff 367 Cass township 368 Zoar 368 Johnsburg 368 St. He w^as also a justice of the peace, merchant, and farmer. 185 Hesseraer, Miss Sophia Hastedt, Miss Emily Hope, Miss Dorsia Hope, Miss Mary Jutt, Lieut. It is said to have been the most successful company of its kind, for its years, ever organized in the United States.

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