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I would have voted for the Clash anyway, mainly because the albums London Calling, The Clash, and Combat rock consistently get voted into all time top 100s on both sides of the atlantic (especially London Calling).YOU CAN ONLY REALLY MAKE A JUDGEMENT LIKE THIS IN RETROSPECT.In 1977, The Jam, to a man, used to turn up to gigs in faded flares and change into their mohair suits, then back into flares afterwards.The Damned were far better live than The Clash or The Pistols.On record most of the output still stands up to listening and the diversity is still staggering.On an even more subjective note I always thought the Jam a bit elitist and aloof - too cool perhaps -whereas those nice Clash boys would always have time for a chat (and certainly Joe Strummer still does), were usually found in the bar after the gig and were known for helping the ticketless get in to the venue!Lyrics to dozens of their album tracks are still embedded forever into the minds of fans who knew they had something to say.Never before or since has such a potent force have had the balls to quit at the top rather than fade into mediocrity.

They aroused greater loyalty in record buying and concert ticket queueing than any other.I consider "All Mod Cons" and "Setting Sons" to be Paul's "Revolver" & "Sgt Pepper". In terms of live performance, The Jam, in terms of live atmosphere, The Clash.In terms of lyrical minimalism, The clash, in terms of lyrical intricacy, The Jam.If I'm correct, didn't the Sex Pistols rip off the Jam song 'In The City' with 'Holidays In The Sun'?!?! Tracks like Rock The Casbah and London Calling don't even compare with the likes of Town Called Malice, Going Underground and Strange Town.Weller is a genius, he's still writing quality tunes today. I really like Paul Weller & The Jam (the last Weller CD is wonderful!

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