Seventh day sabbath dating

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Before this date we had the Julian calendar from Julius Caesar but it was 11 minutes out each year.So Pope Gregory corrected the error by dropping 10 days from the Calendar.So from the language table above we know that the Sabbath is Saturday.But there are many who are unaware of this information and most importantly, say that the Bible does not identify which day is the Seventh day Sabbath. God would never command us to keep a specific day and then never have us know what day to keep. The Bible shows that Christ died on Friday and rose from the grave on Sunday.Something as important as God's law does not change on assumptions such as, “” Neither is there any scripture that says the Sabbath is Sunday in honour of the resurrection. Acts 20:7, 1 Corinthians 16:2 and occasionally John are the verses used to argue that the Sabbath is Sunday and this can easily be revealed to be nothing more than dishonest attempts to prove a lie.None of these instances are even taking place in the Church (Synagogue) where in fact (more than a dozen passages) unlike these three abused scriptures which are not. And not forgetting that we are also told there would be no change to the law and the fourth Commandment is the biggest of all Commandments.

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The only way they could have lost the Seventh day is if the millions of Jews around the world slept through an entire day and no one ever told any of them.

See Sabbath in the New Covenant for the scriptural evidence which many have missed.

And see who moved the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday for the full story on why so many think the Sabbath is Sunday.

In 1582, the Calendar went from Thursday, October 4 to Friday, October 15.

So while ten days were dropped, Friday still followed Thursday and the weekly cycle remained unchanged.

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