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And although traveller reputations have suffered due to grody sex tourists scuzzying up Medellin, there are still places enough to make Colombia second on the list of easiest places to get laid in South America. Hell, even Bogota and Medellin won't disappoint, but if you go to the latter, don't expect it to be how it was ten years ago.***To maximize your chances of hooking-up in Colombia, get Colombian Cupid.

You'll be able to arrange dates with Colombian girls in your Colombian city of choice before you arrive.

But, alas, it's what gives my pages the most hits from Google these days, so I’ll have to go with it. However, and much was my surprise when I travelled there, there is one country that simply cannot have a candle held to it when it comes to the easiness of the ladies (God bless 'em). After Colombia opened up its doors to tourism after the brutal drug wars that plagued their country for so many years, it was like eden for the single man.

So, forgive me if I come across as a wide-eyed amateur in my terminology. If you were to ask a well-travelled gentleman where one should go in South America to get laid, undoubtedly two places are going to spring to his mind: Brazil and Colombia. The lack of tourism pushed the exotic factor of visitors through the roof for the local women.

The report, from two economic research groups, comes at a time of growing concern among middle-class voters that they are being taxed heavily to pay for Labour's pet projects. Its analysis showed that each person in the South-East pays nearly £2,000 more to the Treasury than he or she receives back in public spending on services such as schools, hospitals and infrastructure projects.

Let me just say right off the bat that I hate the term "getting laid." I don't even know if frat boys still use this. But in Lima or Arequipa you should have absolutely no problem here.They seem very cold at first, but many are interested in foreigners.Like Argentina, the girls here have a reputation of being hard to get.Similarly, eastern areas of England contributed £5.1billion they did not see back from the Treasury.For each man, woman and child in the South-East, £9,397 was taken in taxes.

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