Self assesments stop validating

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Consider the item, “I take a different way home from work every night.” People who answer “True” tend to be creative and adventurous, and that is the important point.

We aren’t interested in whether they really take a different way home each night; we care about what it means to say that they do.

The MVPI is normed on a sample of over 65,000 working adults.

Research shows that, within individuals, personality is relatively stable.

Although research revealed small generational differences in scale scores, these differences are not significant in practice.

At an individual level, these results indicate that one cannot assume anything about a person’s personality or value set simply by knowing when they were born.

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The HPI and HDS are normed on samples of over 100,000 working adults.

There is no such thing as an ideal score or personality profile.

Each individual’s assessment scores are likely to reveal some strengths and some potential challenges or risk factors.

For reliability, we provide evidence for the internal consistency of our assessments, as well as consistency of measurement over time, as sufficient data are available.

To obtain local validation evidence for our assessments, we work with distributors and clients engaged in specific research initiatives to gather matched assessment and job performance data.

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