Second base tips dating effects of dating in college

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And a third date should definitely be in the cards.

It can be easy to forget this because you spend your time wondering what the other person is thinking and if they want a relationship or if they even believe in commitment.

Of course that's nuts and there's nothing wrong with knowing what kind of person you would like to date. This guy's Reddit post is all about what he wants to know about a girl after he goes on a second date with her.

He wants her to be ambitious in terms of where her career is going, he wants her to be goal-oriented, and he's interested in what her family background is.

He also wants to know what her romantic history is like.

That last one seems like a bit much for a second date chat, but it's interesting to know that some guys wouldn't be freaked out by it.

Read on to find 15 confessions from real men about what goes through their mind after the first date, and what they expect should happen on the second! That's definitely a personal, subjective thing, and it's a question that doesn't have an easy answer.

But on the second date, you want to figure out pretty quickly if this is someone that you can picture yourself with, and that determines whether or not you go on a third date.It turns out that guys think about these things, too.This guy in particular, who posted this in a Reddit Ask Men thread, thinks that if a kiss doesn't happen on the first date, then it probably should on the second.If you're online dating, then this answer should be fairly comforting to you since now you know that not everyone takes first dates super seriously.Sure, you want to make sure that you like the person and would be happy to go on a second date with them.

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