Sarika kamal hassan dating

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We take a close look at the two Kamal Hassan marriage episodes that didn’t work too well, and his tryst with love.Kamal Haasan was born as Parthasarathy in 1954 to a lawyer father, and a housewife mother.

In 2002, the couple decided to split and filed for a divorce.Kamal didn’t have any lineage from the world of cinema and gradually started developing an inclination towards performing arts. Saravanan, the son of legendary Tamil film producer Avichi Meiyappa Chettiar (known for AVM), and he cast him for the role of a child artist for the movie (Rashtrapathi Award) for his performance.From 1970s onwards, Kamal started portraying lead or supporting roles, and since that day and today, has acted in, directed and produced several critically acclaimed films..The couple had a smooth run with their wedding but then things started going downhill.It is rumoured that one reason for the split was because Vani couldn’t conceive.[Read More: Kamal began distancing himself from Vani, and by early 1980s he started seeing an upcoming Bollywood actress Sarika.

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