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For much of its existence only one rough road and the ferry connected Terminal Island to the mainland.

Due to its isolation and exotic location, Fish Harbor developed into a unique, otherworldly community.

In a process called “chumming,” live bait was dumped into the water, luring schools of tuna to the boat.

During this eating frenzy, the Japanese fishermen used the barbless hooks on the short bamboo poles to catch the tuna.

The homes at Fish Harbor, called Furusato by the Japanese, were small, simple and utilitarian; one visitor referred to them as “barracks.” A writer for the These people live in the most ugly type of American houses.

On the northern side of a large wharf there were canneries, eight in all, each of which had its own pier.After snagging a bit, the men quickly snapped their wrists back, and soon there was a pile of fish in back of them on the deck.It is thought that there were some Japanese fishermen in the Los Angeles Harbor by the start of the 20th century.Children attended elementary school at the local public school and attended Japanese school at the Baptist Church.Older children took the ferry over to the high school in San Pedro.

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