Sample letter of sex chats

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Sexual harassment can include: If you’re being sexually harassed, remember, it’s not your fault.

You’re not responsible for the harasser’s behaviour — no matter what.

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If you’ve had to change your life because of sexual harassment, it’s a good idea to get help as you work through your feelings.

Although we haven't seen a copy of it, the and other news sites say the sheet contains acronyms like "IWSN" meaning "I want sex now" and "PAW," which is used to alert message receivers that parents are watching.

A similar guide was created by the Kim Komado Show earlier this year.

Change your school or job Changing your school or job should only be considered as a last resort, in instances where you know you’re unsafe or have tried to stop the behaviour with no success.

Feeling forced away from your school, job or neighbourhood is difficult and it’s OK to feel angry, sad or alone.

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