Safe dating verification reviews

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Since all dating sites and apps started to require new members to verify their identity, scammers have been taking advantage of the dating verification and safety ID demand so they are misleading people with fake dating verification methods.

In this article, we will help you identify legit from fraud dating safety providers.

It is very important to learn how to identify fake identity verification sites to prevent you from losing your hard earned money.

If you’re still wondering why everyone you talk to from dating sites are asking for a verification id, you can read our article regarding this topic where we explained everything Why do you need to get verified in online dating?

It’s pretty easy to determine if a hookup security id provider is fake, they will ask you to send money to be able to process and give you your verification id.

The number one safety rule in online dating is never ever send money to someone you do not know or haven’t met personally.

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Each moderator must adhere to the guidelines set for each site in order to ensure that all members are carefully filtered, consistently active and fair with regards to the rules that we have set.

Fill it up and once you're done, you will receive your Hookup ID on your email that you have provided. Enter the requested information (Username, Password and Email) for your account and click Get Full Access Free.

The information you enter will need to be accurate to complete our verification process and gain access to our member area. Enter your credit card details on the next page, this page uses SSL encryption which means your card information stays safe and secure. Your login details will be sent to the email address you entered.

Dating verification is actually free of charge, you just need to provide your complete information including your cc details to verify your age, citizenship, and reputation/background in dating sites. and check for any bad records of the member applying for the verification.

But since members of dating sites abused the free verification, we can't moderate the large numbers of members applying specially the fake ones.

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