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But the main question now remains, if ESPN would fire him after all of these.Certainly, the reputation of ESPN is in jeopardy, and they could indeed take the harsh step of telling Russilo that he is fired.During his tenure in WWZN, he used to host “The Die Hards” along with the co-hosts Anthony Pepe, Kevin Winter, John Anik and Miek Winn. Later in the year of 2005, Russillo was hired by the WBCN and he was also added to New England Patriots pre-game as well as a post-game show.Not long after joining there, Russillo was released from there due to a personal conflict between him and John Dennis who is of WEEI. Russillo then joined ESPN Radio in the year 2006 and began to host the NBA Sunday along with Jamal Mashburn.Caption: ESPN's Ryen Russilo got arrested for criminal trespassing on Wednesday.The host of "The Ryen Russillo Show" on ESPN, who is 42-year-old, did not appear to know where he was, as per the official statement, and couldn't answer inquiries as to where he was living.

Ryen Russillo who is an American host, He attended University of Vermont and got graduated from there in the year 1997.The show got canceled on December 2012 and was also swapped out with the NBA Lockdown that featured former NBA player named Bruce Bowen.As Russillo has maintained to keep his profile low, there is no information regarding his personal life or salary But we believe he is worth above million dollars.He didn't seem to have constrained section into the apartment suite but instead entered through an entryway which had not been appropriately secured.Since he entered the home wrongfully and did not leave when he was asked to, Rusillo was captured for criminal trespassing, a wrongdoing offense deserving of a fine of 0.

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