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A typical Russian man will be offended if his date offers to share the bill.

He’ll beg, steal, or borrow (if he’s broke) to make sure he picks up the tab at the end of a meal - otherwise he’s “not a man” (Ever heard about Russian babushkas?

Like in many countries, when the parents do stay together the mum ends up spending more time with the kids anyway.

So, a typical Russian guy is used to having a granny or his mum controlling a considerable chunk of his life - he’s therefore well versed in compromising with the opposite sex.

“If he hits you, that means he loves you,” quotes Diana her mother’s saying, the old-fashioned Slavic belief, which is the reason why domestic violence in Russia is still widely underreported — as well as most other forms of physical assault, making it a “norm” rather than a crime.

Calling her relationship with Russian men “convoluted”, the daring New-Yorker goes on describing the peculiarities of the local dating etiquette.

“I love (and hate) dating Russian men“, states Diana, and then goes on to explain why.

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