Rockabilly girls dating speed dating procedure

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There were other girls in Elvis Presley’s life when Wanda Jackson dated him in the mid-1950s. “I think a woman’s intuition would tell you,” she recalls with a chuckle.

Jackson was the first to bring a woman’s intuition into the boys’ club of early rock & roll, and she did it on Elvis’ urging.

By then, Jackson had already given up on rock & roll and returned to her roots in heartache-y country music.

The ’50s was an era for new blood in the design world, but before America gained fashion ground European designer Christian Dior released his “New Look” collection in 1947 that laid the foundation for all of 1950s women’s fashion design.

Jackson claims she was actually inspired by a subsequent version by Larry and Lorrie Collins, the Collins Kids.

Her belated hit with the song, backed by Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps, kicked its way into the Top Forty in 1960, two years after it was recorded.

A budding seventeen-year-old country star from Oklahoma, she took her tourmate’s advice and tried her hand in the feisty world of rockabilly.

Half a century after the two young singers rubbed elbows, Jackson, 68, is honoring her old beau with the tribute album I Remember Elvis, due January 31st.

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