Rob dyer dating

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If the season follows the same production schedule, season 4 will likely be released at the end of 2020.

Some fans seem to have spotted what looks like Joyce's green Ford Pinto and Hopper's Blazer arriving in Rome, Ohio, along with several other cars from the show but that's all unconfirmed so far.

Stranger Things actors Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton - who play Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, respectively - may have shared an on-screen kiss last season, but the pair are also dating in real life.

The pair then seemingly made things official in December 2017, when they stepped out onto the red carpet together at the Fashion Awards in London.

If the show goes beyond 1986, they will also have to find a way to address the career of a young Winona Ryder.

Winona's debut film role was in 1986's Well...

We're now in recovery and will need 3-5 business days to recover.

READ MORE: Stranger Things '3 inches' theory could prove exactly where Jim Hopper is, producer Shawn Levy said that “season four is definitely happening”, adding that “there’s very much the possibility of a season beyond that one, that’s currently undecided".

As of right now, there has been no official confirmation of a renewal by Netflix but given that the Duffer Brothers are confident that they have more story to tell, it's likely that Netflix will go ahead with a fourth season - and maybe a fifth.

but that still doesn't mean we can't speculate and theorise amongst ourselves, does it?

READ MORE: Stranger Things 4 starts filming in October 2019, according to Cara Buono Of course, considering that the third season has only just been released, there's no way we'll be getting any big plot details out of the Duffer Brothers and producer Shawn Levy but what do have is theories and clues based on the end of season 3.

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