Reading her body language dating

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If he gives you his coat to wear or holds the door open for you, he’s into you. If someone constantly checks their phone when they’re around you, they’re not that interested.[Read: 16 signs he wants you bad – Is he irresistibly attracted to you? If they really like you, they wouldn’t feel the need to check their phone because they’re busy with you.

You don’t need a guy that’s just going to feed you bullshit lines, what you need is a guy that actually shows you his interest.

It’s really true, especially when it comes to seeing if he’s genuinely interested in you.

Understanding the body language of men is like learning a foreign language.

If you stand in the corner with your hands crossed, well, that’s not inviting.

[Read: How to be the most approachable girl no matter where you are] #4 He touches his face. When we like someone the skin on our face becomes more sensitive to touch. We tend to think men check us out when we’re not paying attention. He may be standing with his friends, but he’s not really standing with them. I know this sounds hilarious, but I don’t mean he looks like he’s entering a bodybuilding competition. When we see someone we’re attracted to, we raise our eyebrows.

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