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You seem to be aggressively defending yourself against a non-existent attack.

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Which sources are you talking about in your comments below?And please note: this is decidedly not the same thing as listing off ways that I talk about "asian fetish" with my friends. Computer1200 (talk) , 28 December 2009 (UTC)With respect, Hippo43 is a he, not a she.However, hippo43 should free to list off all the "unstudied arguments" in my comment. Computer1200 (talk) , 28 December 2009 (UTC)With respect, I do recommend that Hippo43 stay focused on laying down logical arguments for the dubious claims she continually tries to enforce, rather than question my ability to read comments, which is ad hominem attack [7] and dangerously close to personal attack [8] that does not directly address the criticisms she is making. I have not tried to enforce anything, or made any dubious claims.I realize that it is being described here as an "obsession", but that information could still be mentioned. Puchiwonga (talk) , 3 January 2010 (UTC) I've pared this down again.An article like this seems to assume that there is something odd about liking Asian women as opposed to liking: Asian men or black/Hispanic/etc. I realise that it is disputed by a couple of editors, but there has never been a genuinely stable version as far as I can tell, so there has been no consensus established for how much of it should be included.

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