Quotes on validating yourself

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It goes along with the saying about every cloud having a silver lining.

Learn and grow from your troubles and you will only be empowered because of it. Big jobs and big responsibilities go to those who know how to do the grunt work and learn by doing the small jobs they’ve been given.

Many times people focus on wanting to be just like everybody else.

However it is our unique personality traits that make us extraordinary.

Five hundred years ago,everybody knew the Earth was flat,and fifteen minutes ago,you knew that humans were alone on this planet. White If you aren't in the moment,you are either looking forward to uncertainty,or back to pain and regret.- Jim Carrey You will not be punished for your anger,you will be punished by your anger.- The Buddha Life is as easy or as hard as you think it is.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie Change what you see,by changing how you see.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie Powerful Dreams Inspire Powerful Action.

Imagine what you'll know tomorrow.- the movie Men in Black You'll live to be a hundred if you give upall the things that make you want to.- the movie Interiors If the present Congress errs in too much talking,how can it be otherwise in a body to which the peoplesend one hundred and fifty lawyers,whose trade it is to question everything,yield nothing, and talk by the hour? When you can taste, smell, and touch your dreams,you can enroll the world.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie The greatest mistake you can make in lifeis to be continually fearing you will make one.- Elbert Hubbard The way I see it, if you want the rainbow,you gotta put up with the rain.- Dolly Parton A well-developed sense of humoris the pole that adds balance to your steps,as you walk the tightrope of life.- William Arthur Ward You don't have the power to make life "fair,"but you do have the power to make life joyful.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie Whatever you do, you need courage.

Many times we wait for the perfect moment to do something. Once you begin, the momentum builds and it is easier to keep going.

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Having a reason to live infuses us with energy every day to actually go out a truly live.The more you focus on yourself, the better your life will be.The significance of self-esteem cannot be belittled.I hope you like these quotes about Validation from the collection at Life Quotes and Sayings. When you sow a seed once, you will reap a single harvest. People are dumb,panicky dangerous animals and you know it. If self-validation were ourmost significant societal measure -we would give trophies to ourselves.- Mary Anne Radmacher Related topics: Sad Feeling-Down There are a hundred valid reasons why something can't be done,but only one reason, Commitment, why it can.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.- Mother Teresa If you plan for a year, plant a seed. When you teach the people, you will reap a hundred harvests.- Kuan Chung Almost nothing you worry about todaywill matter in a hundred years. Choose tasks that will actually make a positive differenceto your great-grandchildren.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie If you are patient in one moment of anger,you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.- Chinese Proverb You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take.- Wayne Gretzky Please sign up for my To confirm your subscription, you must click on a link in the email being sent to you. We will NEVER sell, rent, loan, or abuse your email address in ANY way. If very angry, count to one hundred.- Thomas Jefferson There are three hundred and sixty-four dayswhen you might get un-birthday presents,and only one for birthday presents, you know.- Lewis Carroll Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.- Alfred, Lord Tennyson If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day,so I never have to live without you.- A. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knewthe Earth was the center of the universe. Discover.- widely misattributed to Mark Twain To go against the dominant thinking of your friends,of most of the people you see every day,is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform.- Theodore H.

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