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There are collectors that are thrilled to acquire an early 20th century piece with the Belaise hallmark.

Describing a white gold piece as Victorian is incorrect, and the use of the term Edwardian is questionable, since the Edwardian Era ended in 1910.

Iridium is usually the other material used in the alloy.

Platinum was popular from its first usage until about WWII. Palladium, a platinum family metal, is used in some pieces from this period, often in an alloy that included iridium.

Platinum is a strong metal giving jewelers of the time the ability to create elaborate filigree and openwork, styles we most often associate with the Edwardian era.

Platinum is used in its alloy form, with a traditional purity of 90-95%.

Some white gold is relatively brittle due to the presence of nickel, which causes a loss of malleability and ductility.

This finish will not hold up to daily wear in an item such as a ring, and will not survive some types of repair work.

For as long as gold and silver have been used in the production of jewelry, someone has been trying to duplicate the look with something less expensive.

Dating jewelry accurately can be quite a challenge.

Many materials and techniques used today in production are the same basic methods used for at least 5000 years!

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