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These authors, who had previously not collaborated before, worked together before the workshop to frame breakout discussions on day 2 of the workshop. A disproportionate number of cases of abuse and neglect occur with mothers who have their own personal histories of maltreatment.Their papers explore the needs and challenges of each type of violence prevention, the use (or potential use) of ICTs, and any additional gaps or questions that needed to be addressed. As a result, an intergenerational pattern of inappropriate and destructive pattern is continued.The first paper presents data from an intervention designed to assess the impact of adding a mobile phone component to an existing intervention that teaches parenting skills.The paper describes the intervention design and evaluation and results of the study. Notre Dame University A recent worldwide study of child maltreatment reported that from 80 to 98 percent of children suffer physical punishment in their homes, with a third or more experiencing severe physical punishment from the use of implements.USING MOBILE PHONES TO ENHANCE PARENTENGAGEMENT IN A HOME VISITING INTERVENTIONTO PREVENT CHILD MALTREATMENT Judith J. As the cycle passes from one generation to the next, society—as well as the families directly involved—bear enormous costs, including mounting mental health concerns, increased medical expenses, greater needs for public assistance, and excessive burdens on the criminal justice system.In the United States and other countries, a growing number of home-visiting parenting programs have shown positive results in reducing child maltreatment and enhancing parenting skills in high-risk populations (Olds et al., 2002; Barlow, 2006).lthough the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in violence prevention is fairly new, some interventions have already capitalized on this new avenue with promising results.This chapter includes papers from presenters at the workshop who explored this intersection and its potential.

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• Improved child behavior was apparent for children whose parents had received either PAT or CPAT intervention compared with children whose parents were in the control group when behaviors such as their responsiveness to their parent or their general affect were measured 6 months following the end of parent training.

For both PAT and CPAT groups, family coaches teach parents positive ways to interact with their children and to engage in appropriate behavioral expectations for common family activities and routines.

Across approximately five sessions that take place in home visits, coaches help parents learn how to use PAT strategies in a play situation and in at least two daily routines that parents self-select as ones that have been difficult or challenging.

When the abuser comes to the door, the man or boy asks to borrow a cup of milk (in one advertisement) or use the phone or to retrieve a lost cricket ball (in others). Dating violence prevention with at-risk youth: A controlled outcome evaluation.

In watching advertisements it is clear that the bell ringer is making the request as a pretext: He heard violence committed against the woman, and he is putting the abuser on notice that the violence will not be tolerated. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 71(2):279–291.

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