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They do not provide any paperwork on what their warranty covers, either upfront when purchasing, or after the home has been delivered! The contractors as well as Palm Harbor employees keep pointing fingers at each other blaming one another for something not getting done right.I am a very dissatisfied customer, and wish I had a better avenue to warn people from buying their homes. Palm Harbor claims that all their employees have work with them for years, that they don’t get random people off the streets to work on their homes.The state of Texas has inspected our home and multiple code violations only to have Palm Harbor not repair and instruct us to sue them. We have hired a lawyer and with repairs and lawyer we are looking at over 0,000.00 to get our home fixed. I guess no one that was here had a job that consisted of checking anything at all to see if everything worked properly or at all. The way they fix it before you sign off, is to put a putty in and paint it. There obviously isn't any ** quality control in Palm Harbor. They got white enamel paint on the oil rubbed bronze rail for the barn door and tried to remove it and took the color off the rail. Luckily I did not have anything on the shelf when it happened.The so called trim guy sucked so bad, I signed and sent him away. The carpet is string on the edges and coming up along most walls. That works long enough for them to get you to sign and they get paid. The paint looking like that right when you walk in the front door is absolutely embarrassing. I could go on and on about the quality of product being poor as well as the fiasco of scheduling someone to come out and address issues.They are horrible and I just pray for the day they go out of business when all the customers start suing them! From siding on the house warping to floors bubbling up to drywall cracks constantly!We bought our double wide 4 years ago this past month. When they showed up to our property with the home and removed the plastic, the vinyl flooring had been changed from what was ordered. They didn’t strap down the fridge for transportation so it had moved across the floor several feet and the side of the fridge was scratched up. The hood over the stove was dented and had to be replaced. It was a manufactured home when delivered was told needed to sit on foundation for a while to settle.This company is FRAUD and corporate might be aware of it but they just cover up! I don’t regret my home but I do regret that Dealer because all they do is lie! Several plugs don't work and the ones that work are constantly tripping breakers. They are foggy from moisture getting in between the panes. After numerous calls to the Palm Harbor location in Boerne, Tx gave us nothing but a runaround. I will bet my life that someone from the streets will make a better effort and take more pride in their work than Palm Harbor.They make the customer hear YES to everything but once you sign they give you the finger! My plumbers showed up to connect everything and said it was NOT plumbed for grey water. Windows not installed properly, I can barely open them. When they finally showed up to fix problems they showed up a couple days before the warranty expired. They made a lot of promises and they didn’t deliver.

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I've been doing trim for 20 years, including doors and everything in remodeling, carpentry. Now the tiles have fell off in the bad ** looking master shower. Mastic isn't exactly the adhesive you want use use in the shower. then when you 1st put a shower together, you should seal all the joints with tape and thinset 1st. They came out and and did the same thing they did at the factory again because that’s the stupid ** way they do it there. None of my doors are square, they don’t close right, come to find out they don't use wooden door jambs. the base boards all look like they've been shot by Machine gun Kelly. Clumps of ** blew out of the hopper when they textured, they just left it. We have been in house now 10 months and still have a list of maintenance issues.The screws are all stripped from being over tightened. PLEASE, if you are considering purchasing a house through them... Trying to save someone the time and $ spent on a product that is truly not worth it! The only fault I can see, is having purchased a home from them. And if anyone from corporate wants to contact me please feel free to call!They have no respect for me or the quality of their workmanship. You will never get them to hold up to their contractual agreement, and they will belittle you at every opportunity to try and scare you away from getting any warranty work done or filing a claim against them. I would love to tell you what I think of your company and workmanship. Since day one we have had issues with the leveling of the house, very poor paint job, house trim done poorly, cabinets not installed correctly.

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