Overly accommodating

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When was the last time you told a friend, boss or family member, “no” simply because. If you find yourself feeling this way often, you might want to look at your perspective.

Putting the needs, wants and desires of others before your own at the expense of your emotional and physical health might be preventing you from living the life you desire.

I wanted to take the time to simply write about how accommodating they were, given the disaster that happened with our bank (NOT with Costa Rica! They served as my translators with the gas station SEVERAL times, called the government to help us figure out what to do next, and helped us out given our financial situation.

This was way above and beyond what you could expect from some old hotel or bed and breakfast in a very busy area.

Let’s look at assertiveness in contrast to accommodating.

The dictionary Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines assertive as How might a person use assertiveness to create a life of fulfillment and joy?

The person may lose touch with what is important to him; he may jeopardize his own happiness and may often wake up feeling at a loss for purpose leaving his days unfulfilled and flat.

Some signs that one might be over-accommodating include: To know what you prefer, instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.

Assertive behavior balances the courage to speak one’s mind with consideration for other’s feelings and perspectives.

Without their help, we would've been stuck not knowing what to do considering the major language barrier and the emptiness we felt having lost available funds.

I just wanted to share my personal experience with this place, a place that went above and beyond anything I would have expected from a hotel.

This does not mean one should disregard the feelings and needs of others completely; it means one should examine how the perspective of accommodating others is supporting or hindering us in life. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines accommodating as, “willing to please: helpful, obliging.” The list of related words includes “over-indulgent” and “permissive”.

Accommodating can be positive, and even honorable when done in proper measure.

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