Outlook item counter not updating

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I initially created a new Outlook Data File (New Items - Outlook Data File).

I could then drag and drop emails into that data file that was displayed on the sidebar (see circled name in link).

The suggested solutions from similar problems with Exchange accounts do not help.

How can I fix the unread count for IMAP account in Outlook 2013?

i also tried to run a /cleanroamedprefs but it gave me an invalid switch error.

I checked her rules and the "move to folder X upon receipt" ones look good.

Note: This setting is applied also to folders in Favorites.

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Visit Stack Exchange I have multiple IMAP accounts in my Outlook 2013 that are showing unread emails but there are no unread emails in this folder.

However, the number of unread messages only showed up when I created a folder under that data file (see highlighted in link).

Both the data file and folder have one unread email, but only the folder displays that there is one unread email.

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