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Imagine knowing someone for years, and then suddenly when they don't have any luck with the models that they've been chasing all their lives, they turn to you. I didn't mean my reply to sound snappy I just think it's really sad that so many people turn down opportunities just because they're not perfect from the start. I'm pretty sure if a 5 ft 0 skinny teenager with acne all over his face asked you on a date, you'd have second thoughts.

In the rare occasion when they do message back, they seem less enthusiastic and stop replying half way through I make sure my opening message mentions a common interest we both share and I comment on their profile pic. It's hard for guys but girls on the sites gets it easy. Any suggestions on how I can improve my reply success rate? Do you really judge looks more online than in real life?

From my experience I'd say that guys on those sites are usually too full-on in general and make it clear what they want, whether it's sex or a long term relationship. But if you've overdone your profile it looks like you're trying too hard, and the opposite if you don't update it enough Now you just sound like an ass.

Nobody wants to end up knowing they were settled for.

If you're above average looks, you might have a chance, but girls have unrealistic expectations of men's appearance, so again, you will likely get ignored unless you're really interesting. I last used online dating when I was 32 (mature student is my excuse for being on here), messaging girls mostly around 24-28.

I had about 30% first dates from girls I messaged, and probably 50% or so responses to my messages.

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