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Wanking multiple times a day for years and now suddenly he has to plead at the feet of a powerful woman who cares not a jot for his suffering.The humiliation of having to beg to be allowed to do what real men do anytime they want makes this one of the most humiliating things a Dominatrix can do Making a male slave wear frilly sissy panties is very degrading.Now he has to sit down as a woman Nothing says humiliation more than having to lick a toilet seat.With her harsh tone and cutting, sarcastic quips, she will look on as he runs his tongue over the seat, under the rim and all up to the back.If so, here are 20 ways to humiliate a slave on cam Orgasm denial is femdom 101. Don’t let him cum and the frustration begins almost instantly, rendering him much more respondent to her abuse.And of course, it is also extremely humiliating for a male to have to get on his knees and beg to be allowed to orgasm.Making him get on his knees and give fellatio to a dildo, instructing him how to suck and lick it and how fast to do it, will be very, very degrading It might not sound it, but ignoring a slave is very humiliating.

It degrading to be on all fours in front of a strong female who is insulting you so this method is very effective To be made to wear a collar that shows you are owned and the property of another human being is very humiliating.

All men value the size of their manhood so for a gorgeous woman, whom he idolises and worships, to ridicule it, laugh at it and point is shameful.

She can also make him measure it against small objects such as chipolata sausages, baby carrots and the like to really hit home to him just how small his dick really is.

Another good way is for her to make him get a ruler and tell her exactly how small it measures up as Being forced to stand in the corner like a naughty schoolboy is an effective way to get a sub to regress.

Similar to number 5, having him stand in the corner with his hands on his head while she reads her emails or does some online shopping will make his cheeks burn red and the humility will hit him hard Sounds so simple but making a male sit down to pee is very embarrassing.

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