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About Stephen Losey Stephen Losey covers leadership and personnel issues as the senior reporter for Air Force Times.

She famously said in 2016, for example, that selective research institutions don’t hire more professors of color because “we don’t want them.” That Gasman is a white woman doesn’t blunt her contributions to her field: she’s a renowned scholar of historically black institutions who founded Penn’s Center for Minority Serving Institutions.It was heavily redacted, and details of the harassment allegations, including when they took place, were not included in the material provided to The Times. Baldick, a close ally of the mayor who initially recommended Mr. de Blasio at the time struggled to answer questions about how his administration handled harassment complaints.Administration officials, after months of delays, eventually released data on the sexual harassment complaints filed against city employees: From mid-2013 through 2017, there were 1,312 such complaints lodged at all city agencies, with 221 substantiated, the city said at the time.Pestana said, sitting beside the mayor on Thursday in City Hall’s Blue Room. O’Brien continued to be paid for several weeks to account for unused vacation days.“ If you don’t create a space where people can believe us when we say we will hold your information and your identities confidential, women are not going to come forward.”The Times was able to independently confirm the identity of one of the women, and is withholding her name and details about her job that could identify her because she is a victim of harassment. He was paid a salary of 0,652 a year, according to city records. Baldick said he had been fired.“We weren’t aware of the allegations when we hired him,” Mr. “When I learned more about the full scope of Kevin’s actions today, I asked him to leave the firm.”The company has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for work for Mr.

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