On dating stages in prebiotic chemical evolution

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Experimentalists in the field of prebiotic chemistry strive to re-enact what may have happened when life arose from inanimate material.

How often human intervention was needed to obtain a specific result in their studies is worth reporting.

The researchers discovered rare molecules in the envelope confirming that this type of evolved star has a much more complex chemistry than expected.

Each step needs a specific chemical environment or set of conditions to occur in high yield.So, there is little doubt that chemists will want to start from known quantities of pure chemicals.Such a pure-chemicals scenario is unrealistic prebiotically (organic compounds produced from simpler starting materials on planets are usually found as mixtures of structurally related molecular entities), but necessary.The studies of these two types of evolved stars are based on models that take into account this chemical differentiation.Given the results of this spectral survey, it might be necessary to change the modeling approach that has prevailed until now.

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