Notifydatasetchanged not updating

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It helps to calculate the difference between an old list and a new list and trigger updates to list items.If you are new to Recycler View checkout my previous posts.This Callback class tells Diff Util how to detect changes.Following are the methods: returns true for these items.For example, if only the name of the place changed, we need not update the whole item. I am using a Bundle to return the values changed: Places Diff Callback callback = new Places Diff Callback(this.places, places); Diff Util.

First you need the list used to render items in Recycler View.Diff Util provides a Callback class with abstract methods.We need to subclass this and implement those methods.Here I am going to display a list of places in Recycler View.The Place Object contains a unique ID, the name of the place and its image. This helps us to update only those views that represent the value.

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