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They fear not being good enough, either emotionally or physically, or both.

They want to be able to offer the best version of themselves as possible, but a knock in their confidence can leave them feeling unworthy.

They’d rather stay single or date casually rather than risk developing feelings for someone and risk future rejection.

The thought of being in a relationship is daunting and can make a man feel trapped, especially if he doesn’t know what he wants from dating.

She provides proven techniques to help you overcome obstacles and roadblocks to achieve success.

Shar helps you by identifying the problem areas and delivering strategies that are customized to create the desired results.

Too much rejection can leave a man feeling deflated and not wish to play the dating game any more.

All men want to satisfy their partner in all aspects of a relationship.In this article we have summed up some of the most common fears men have towards dating.Being rejected by a woman can have a major affect on confidence, whether the rejection occurred when asking a woman out on a date, or after a date.Feeling like they’re not satisfying their partner could in time cause them to withdraw from the relationship and give up trying to be good enough.Having to deal with a woman’s emotions is a scary thought to men.

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