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You can share an application, like a document or a graphic program, or you can share your Desktop (allowing others to give you support).

Step 1: select the item to share Step 2: click on "Share"once the desktop or an application has been shared (indicated by the check-mark in front of the name in the list ), you can define , whether the other participants to the meeting can only view it or whether they can take control and then use their mouse and keyboard to control it.

I suggest to UN-CHECK the "Log on to a directory server" and to connect later via TCP/IP addresses.

My main message is, Net Meeting is also a useful program that is suitable to be used to do technical support.

Microsoft Net Meeting enables users to utilize voice and data communications all over the World Wide Web easily.

It has a feature of allowing calls to different people through Internet phone products such as the Intel Internet Phone.

You can download the Net Meeting program for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows NT 4.0 from Microsoft website.

- You will be able to chat and control remote desktop, however your friend can monitor your action and take back the control anytime. Note: Please note that Net Meeting program is discontinued in Windows 7 and Vista, you are advised to use Windows Meeting Space, Remote Desktop Connection or Windows Live Messenger for this purpose. 1) Go to Start and click Run…, then type in conf and click OK. Key in the public IP of your friend’s home network and click that phone button to send meeting invitation to your friend through Internet.

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