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But the app also offers fixed packages of ready-to-use GIFs from third-party creators.Shortly after the announcement, popular third-party creator Tenor Inc. In the eyes of authorities, this seems to have solved the problem, at least for now.According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, photographer and journalist Jesús Medina Ezaine has been missing since November 4.On Twitter, he reported that he began receiving threats directly after publishing an article about one of Venezuela’s most violent and overcrowded prisons.Touati has been in prison since January, 2017 on accusations of “exchanging with agents of a foreign power intelligence which could harm the military or diplomatic status of Algeria or its vital economic interests.” The charges were filed after he interviewed an Israeli official and posted that interview on You Tube and his blog. His file has been sent to the Algerian criminal court, and he is currently awaiting a verdict.A coalition of human rights groups began proceedings this week at the European Court of Human Rights, which has agreed to hear their claims against the UK government concerning unlawful surveillance.It is technically impossible for Whats App to identify “lewd” content in specific messages and then remove it — Whats App is encrypted, which means that the company cannot screen the content of messages sent between users.

The Indonesian police briefly detained Instagrammer Dyann Kemala Arrizqi for spreading memes that mocked House of Representatives Speaker Setya Novanto.

That wasn’t a coincidence, but now I’m guessing that brief lax period is over with the recent reveal that she’s dating brand director Kim Min Joon.

According to a source, Sulli and Kim Min Joon were originally friends before developing romantic feelings for one another.

[ 144, -60] Doesn’t Hui look like VIXX’s Ken and E’Dawn looks like Jang Hyun Seung.

[ 52, -0] That’s why kkkk she usually had so much skinship with Hui I thought she was dating him.

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