Nathan kress and jeannette mccurdy dating

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In a functional, sane world, I would not be formulating thoughts and sentences about a couple of Nickelodeon stars and the Instagram fling that may or may not have torn their world apart.

A month ago, I barely knew who Jennette Mc Curdy was.

I don’t know what these kids networks do when their stars publicly misbehave, but as someone who has read more than two articles about Monarch Mind Control, I assume it involves solitary confinement and eye clamps.

There wasn’t going to be any other way to explain this.

Here’s where we need to rewind and take some unsubstantiated gossip into account.

According to Mc Curdy, they dated for only a week, and she was never that into him.

Then her mother died after a 17-year battle with breast cancer, and she broke it off so that she could spend time with her family.

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