Nathan kress and jeannette mccurdy dating

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But behind the scenes, there was already trouble brewing.

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One could easily assume that the negotiations would come to an end and the hit show would get its second season. On June 2, as rumors surrounding the fate of continued to swirl, Mc Curdy dropped the first in an ongoing series of hot truth bombs on her Twit Longer.

Mc Curdy spoke candidly about the relationship on You Made It Weird, comedian Pete Holmes’s Nerdist Network podcast.

If that seems like a strange place for a Nickelodeon star to dish about her fling with an NBA player, well …

In February, Crazy Days and Nights revealed a blind item from last fall about behind-the-scenes trouble on the show, claiming that producers were trying to get Ariana to dissociate herself with Jennette, who “has been getting drunk and hitting strip clubs and getting lap dances from other women.” Ariana’s brand, according to this story, was on the rise and could not be tarnished by her costar and friend, who had not yet made the jump to non-tween stardom.

The blind continued to claim that Ariana’s people were threatening to walk away from the show unless Jennette was replaced by someone more clean-cut.

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