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Give someone a text box and watch them try to stuff 4GB of content in it.

There has to be a cutoff somewhere, but as you note, it should be well outside of the realm of reasonable password lengths (hundreds of characters).

See also this comment thread: But there are legitimate situations where upgrading the password backing to a modern slow hash is preferable to continuing to use the old hash or worse storing the old hash as a field for a long time so that when a breach happens both the new and old hashes are available.

There are user experience battles when talking about forcing a million users to change their passwords in a real system.

Remember: there is only 32 bytes of actual output there, regardless of whether you represent it as hex or binary.

And since bcrypt can't take more than 56 bytes of input, you are clipping that down to the equivalent of 23 bytes. If you are currently using something else (say salted md5 or even just plain md5), you can migrate your passwords to scrpyt(current_hash()) without having to change everyone's password and/or wait for everyone to log in. An adversary who has the old hash, but not the plaintext that it represents cannot login because scrypt(H(H(value))) ! This is not considering the offline crackability of a compromised hash.

Won't do much; AFAIK everything is encrypted client-side with your master password.

Or you could SHA256 the original password and feed the hash to bcrypt.just making a joke.)Last time I tried changing my Yahoo password it took me days before it accepted something (and I had password generator scripts and my brain).Now it's back to something along the lines of `letmein`.We really need to work on getting scrypt and argon2 into the most popular programming languages and frameworks a.s.a.p.Everyone's been saying "just use bcrypt", but bcrypt has too many gotchas to be the default choice This has got to be the underlying problem of modern security.

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