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But kids lie about their age when they register, and so do people who are looking for underage sex partners.So My Space finds itself in something of a Catch-22.

It is recommended that people pay attention to reading each detailed profile.

In addition to the discovery that at least seven nonviolent sexual assaults on minors could be traced to meetings on My Space, at least one murder has been linked to initial contact on the Web site.

While these problems are in no way exclusive to My Space -- the Internet in general is a playground for predators by nature of its anonymity -- the press has latched on to My Space in particular because a lot of its users are under 18 and the site doesn't verify users' identities.

You can tell her that you already think she’s awesome and she don’t have to pretend that she has all of those things in common with you. Then you can reply back “okkk…” still with a tone of disbelief.

When she asks for your myspace, reply something like, “I think you already know, but just for kicks its******.” She will then check on it and will be totally surprised.

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