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As well as this, we strongly encourage you to be aware not only of your tyres' visual condition and inflation pressure but also of any change in dynamic performance such as increased air loss, noise or vibration.

Tires, like most other auto parts, are built to withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

There are lots of markings ranging from the type of tire, a speed rating that corresponds to a maximum safe speed your tire can sustain, the size of the tire and also when the tire was made; however, if you look after the Department of Transportation (DOT) letters, you'll see another list of numbers.

If the tire was made before the year 2000, you'll see three numbers after the DOT letters; the last number indicates the year the tire was made.

Based on various sources, a tire can last from 6 to 10 years.

Take for example the serial number DOT XYZ WT1 188.Tyres should be removed once they reach ten years of age, regardless of appearance, mileage or actual wear.If the tyres were original equipment on the vehicle, follow the vehicle manufacturer’s tyre replacement recommendations, when specified (but not to exceed 10 years).So, for example, if you see a "297" the tire was made in 1997, or if you see a "2409" that would mean that the tire was made in the 24th week of 2009 [source: Holguin]. So now we know how to determine how old a tire is and that some car manufacturers and safety groups encourage a six-year limit on tire age.

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