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"We use a vast array of technical and community-based solutions to deliver this at scale, for millions of users every day, in some 200 countries around the world."Concerns about security leaks at Grindr, in particular, came to a head in 2018, when it was revealed the company was sharing users' HIV status to third-party vendors that tested its performance and features.That same year, an app called C*ckblocked allowed Grindr members who gave their password to see who blocked them.The China-born app is ambitiously eyeing overseas market in particular.

Also in 2018, Beijing-based gaming company Kunlin completed its acquisition of Grindr, leading the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United State (CFIUS) to determine that the app being owned by Chinese nationals posed a national security risk.Aloha, Blued’s major rival in China, is especially known for its friendly UI design for photo sharing, making it more than a dating app with Tinder and Instagram-like features rolled into one.Les Park (拉拉公园), the major rival of LESDO, is a dating app catering to gay women.Of the other three apps tested, Romeo told Pen Test it had a feature that could move users to a "nearby position" rather than their GPS coordinates but, again, it's not the default.Recon reportedly addressed the issue by reducing the precision of location data and using a snap-to-grid feature, which rounds individual user's location to the nearest grid center.3fun, meanwhile, is still dealing with the fallout of a recent leak revealing members locations, photos and personal details—including users identified as being in the White House and Supreme Court building."It is difficult to for users of these apps to know how their data is being handled and whether they could be outed by using them," Pen Test wrote.

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