Middle dating survey when was absolute dating first used

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You can require students to take a test or survey in a specific location.

Students outside of this location aren't able to take the test or survey.

If you don't turn on auto-submit, students have the option to continue after the time expires.

Those tests and surveys are flagged as submitted after the timer expired. You may find it advantageous to use the , the student can't access the test again and must contact you to reset the test.

You can require and type a password for students to use to access a test or survey.

Passwords have a limit of 15 characters and are case sensitive.

With test availability exceptions, you can offer certain students and groups longer access to a test.IP addresses identify specific computers and are a good method to enforce location restriction requirements.On the to exclude specified students or groups of students from the location restriction.If you add different students or groups to the For a test with one attempt, you can allow more attempts for a student who is blind and wants to use screen reader technology for the first time.If the settings exist for a test or survey, you can create these exceptions: You can set a date and time in only one of these areas: adaptive release or test exceptions.

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