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I purchased these at my local store to help organize my 12 inch rolls of vinly and other Cricut supplies.I am pretty sure I received a set that was defective due to the fact that it was hard to align all the holes/legs without the lower basket not staying connected to the other lower baskets.The soft, natural color and sturdy weave of our Montauk Rectangular Basket call to mind a beach house in the Hamptons or a spa retreat.You'll find ample room for storing loads of laundry, toys or pillows. Description: With its clean design and practical details, our basket is an easy choice to hold laundry, sort clothes or serve as an attractive catchall for toys, games or magazines.

I didn't want to get a large dresser and for my closet so I used these and they hold a lot and work perfect.If that flaw was fixed, these would get 5 stars from me.The bin capacity is just perfect for the products I store in them.I bought these to organize my kids clothes for the week.Every Sunday we layout their clothes and place them in the appropriate bin (Mon-Fri) in order to make the weekday mornings move smoother.

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