Meeting heads requests updating cal Teen chat mobile

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When you tell another driver from your company to go to the designated company CB channel.

Drivers do this so that they can talk about company business or personal matters without monopolizing channel 19. CB handles are nicknames which are used to identify the speaker, in place of on actual name.

Boundary disputes can be complex and I always suggest getting some legal advice if a dispute is in danger of flaring up.CB 10-codes and Q-codes give you the power to say a lot in the limited space available.Use them wisely, and you'll not only communicate effectively but you'll also gain the respect of your peers.If you want to check if we have any boundary information, you can get a copy of the title register, title plan, and any ‘filed’ deeds we have for your own property and your neighbour's property.A deed plan may refer to measurements but these have to be interpreted, as the land may not be level and you don’t know where they were measured from or how.

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