Mature women dating younger

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For all these reasons, a man in his 20s or 30s may decide that dating an older woman is just what he needs.If you are interested in dating an older woman, then you have probably already considered the many advantages as well as the potential drawbacks. Can these relationships last, or are they best as casual and temporary arrangements? I just don't have enough of the right kind of personality to keep up with younger women. My wife is 14 years older than I, and honestly, if her menopause doesn't kill me, or cause another heart attack, we will be married until one of us croaks. Then I walk up to her in a restaurant with a live band one night, while she is out with friends from work (nurses) and I asked her to dance. Sure, i wasn't exactly a cub, but…never became a part of it. Though…I can tell it gets to her sometimes as well. Though I have a decent amount of grey in my facial hair, and in my temple area, and it's coming in nicely so hopefully that will only last a couple more years. The better you are able to be flexible like that, the better chance you have of the relationship succeeding. You can absolutely make a relationship work with an older woman. A companion , a friend, partner…many of them aren't even looking for a younger guy, but it just happens, and it honestly can be the best relationship you've ever had. My wife was married for 18 years, and never had an interest in younger guys. But after her divorce, she dated a couple guys her own age(early to mid 40s) and just wasn't interested. But that mostly embarrasses the people assuming that. Edit: As Ms Culp has stated below in the comments, one of the more important abilities to have, is the willingness to follow her lead when necessary, but also to take the lead when needed, and to be able to know which is needed, at any particular time. A more mature woman has usually “been there, done that, got the T shirt" and it is wise to rely on her experience, but also be able to take the reigns when she is in unfamiliar territory, or tired of being the leader.At worst, older men dating younger women are viewed with a condescending chuckle, earning the term "sugar daddy," as if they were a benevolent father figure.Younger women dating older men are considered to be sweet and innocent.Society points all kinds of judgmental fingers, accusing these women of preying on impressionable young men, even labeling them "cougars." But regardless of what anyone thinks, it's clear that this is a phenomenon that is here to stay: in a recent AARP survey, 34% of women between the ages of 40 and 69 were dating younger men. These qualities can be a welcome change to younger men because women their age tend to be more insecure and sometimes manipulative.They find that older women have a lot to teach them, not just about the physical aspects of a relationship, but about relationships and life in general, and this strength and wisdom can be very appealing.

This is especially troubling when you consider that no such stigma exists for older men dating younger women. Your personalities have to mesh well, and/or be close to the same, otherwise, it is guaranteed to be an exercise in futility, if you're aiming for a lasting relationship. Sure, that is obvious for any relationship, but for cougars and cubs, especially.Maybe you're a younger guy who wants to learn from a more experienced woman, or who just finds older gals more attractive than his same-age counterparts.Ladies, perhaps you've hit your, er, prime, and want someone who can keep up, or maybe you'd just rather someone with less baggage than many of the men your age.

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