Male behavior in dating

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#4 The amount of peacocking increases as female attractiveness increases.

Peacocking is directly proportional to observing a female’s level of attractiveness.

Despite what they say, women will always have a soft spot for nice guys.

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[Read: How to be an alpha male: Unleash the irresistible inner you] Women love themselves a nice charming guy.

[Read: 7 things nice guys do that girls mistake for flirting] #2 Peacocking is not limited to nice behavior.

Peacocking is not just about showing her that you’re nice to others. Peacocking in general involves a man flaunting his perceived desirable asset.

Suddenly there’s a very attractive girl who enters the said room.

Once the guys realize an attractive girl is in their presence, the initial reaction would be self-consciousness about their appearance and posture.

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