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Amazing evening celebrating #Why Women Kill season 1 wrap! At @Dance With Me USA we try to provide shelter from any of the outside ‘noise’. Dancing is not absolute, it’s relative, and it’s about doing the most that you can to feel the best you can..Lauren inspires us to be the best… Although, he was extremely sexy, and funny, and could lay down the pipe, she wanted more. He turned her around and smacked her bare ass cheeks.“Now, that we’re officially a couple I feel I can say this to you: Go put on some regular panties.”“What’s wrong with these? ”“Pretty much every woman in the world; well, the ones who bother putting on any panties at all.”“Well, you've got a man now, so you don’t have any business walking around like that. It had been exactly three weeks since their last orgasm, and they were both so sexually sensitive that they almost came immediately after he penetrated her. ”The sexiness of his accent, and the gentle breeze of his breath that tickled her earlobe rendered her helpless. ”He had been staying over Marisa’s house since the day before Brandy and Maks headed to LA for Leo and Danielle’s wedding. Marisa on the other hand had began feeling somewhat anxious in regard to their relationship, or as Val once called it, their “understanding.” Whether in business or love, patience had never been Marisa’s strong suit, and going that long without at least putting a label on whatever they had was slowly driving her crazy. The only time you get quiet is when something is bothering you and you either don’t know how to say it, or you’re not ready to say it. “Hold that thought.” He pulled it out, and turned it off without looking at the caller ID. When she slid down, her dress got caught on one of the hooks. He rushed into the bedroom just as she had taken off her thong. This won’t take long.” Without a second thought, she did exactly as she was told. He whispered softly in her ear, “Whose pussy is this?

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“Thank you for breakfast.” She nodded, and he released her hand. He waited for her to speak, and when she didn't he asked, “Why are you so quiet? Kind of surreal to be doing this side by side with @kikinyemchek We go back all the way to the ‘90s and I’m bursting with pride watching this young man making his mark in this… My guy @teddycoffey with an explosion of beats, colors, moves, swag, style and an overall perfect vibe to make y’all forget that’s it’s #Monday! @iam Val C was perfectly utilized as the secret weapon he truly is… Excited that @susanboylehq is landing a helping hand to raise funds to fight illiteracy worldwide would be an understatement! Happy birthday @Dance With Me USA here’s to 140 more! This conga line right here from dwmbocaraton party represents 14 years 🤯 of fun 😝, laughter 🤣, and LOTS of dancing 💃🕺🏻 . You guys better practice until we see each other again 💃🕺🏻 @ Dance With Me…

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