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A folklorist saw the game being played in a Lancashire orphanage in 1915. The children in the ring dance round, singing the refrains, until the “bobbies” rush in and seize the mother, when the ring breaks up. This cautionary ballad has everything, including one of the greatest of tunes. A flat, documentary opening, reporting a private act by conscience-torn young girl.

The children called it The song describes how the lady kills her baby with a pen-knife, tries to wash off the blood, goes home to lie down, is aroused by three “bobbies” at the door, who extract a confession from her and rush her off to prison, and “That was the end of Mrs. In his (1931 ed.), Norman Douglas prints a corrupt version current in East and South-East London during the First World War. Then the confrontation of the young mother by the ghosts of her murdered twin babies, and her damnation.

Child believed the ballad ending, in which the mother's fate in hell and other penance is predicted, was borrowed from was little known in Scotland, believed the ending to be an integral part of the ballad, though it did not appear in earlier versions.

This ending still persists, for the version sung by Mac Coll (and containing this ending) was recently learned by him from Margaret Logan of Corsham, Wiltshire.

The ballad has remained a great favourite and is still to be heard from country singers all over the British Isles and in America (where sometimes the event is given a railway setting, “down by the old Greenwood Siding”). The refrain has the quality of an incantation, raising one wretched human being to an archetype of remorse.

The Dorian (Re mode) tune we use was obtained by H. comes from the singing of Lucy Stewart as collected by the American folklorist Kenneth Goldstein.

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have been collected in Denmark and Germany, though no conclusion has been drawn from these data concerning the possible origin of the British ballad in either of those countries.

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Some scholars think may have been brought to England by invading Norsemen, since practically the same story occurs in Danish balladry (...).

Verse by verse, the Danish sets of the ballad so closely resemble the English that it seems unlikely that the importation took place so long ago.

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