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Imagine if a tree was growing next to a boulder, and it had to grow around the obstacle: the resulting rings would be a little lopsided.

Also, if a tree is damaged on the outside, as it grows that damage will become a scar on the inside.

The growth of a tree is influenced by it environment.

By working with the cross section of a tree, a view of a tree round can reveal how outside influences have affected the tree’s quality of life.

Trees that grow year round (pines and conifers) are called softwoods.

Because they don’t have a distinct summer and spring growth period, their rings are not as visible, and will appear very light in color. Which letter goes with which type of tree (label below).

Make a sketch of one of them below and label each region (or structure) that is underlined above.

Use shading to help distinguish the areas of sapwood and heartwood.

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Summer growth, which is slower, produces cells that are smaller and darker in color, these dark regions are called latewood, or summerwood.

The circles created by the alternating summer and springwood are called annual rings.

In normal conditions, the rings will be in near perfect circles.

Sometimes, trees don’t grow in a regular pattern, which causes the rings to be irregular.

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