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They come here for our beautiful culture," she told Reuters.We want the sex industry gone." The idea was privately dismissed by those familiar with the entrenched nature of Thailand's sex trade.Today, in key sections of Bangkok and other tourist havens, massage parlours offering "special" services are a common sight, as are streetwalkers and itinerant vendors hawking dildos, lubricants and Viagra pills of unknown origin.Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul in July vowed to clamp down on the sex trade.Given the ingrained prejudice against sex work, the museum has attracted far more international visitors than Thai nationals.Foreigners meanwhile turn up, at times in large groups, at this nondescript corner by a flyover.In fact, on you can watch naked girls in a free chat room and even message them!

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One former sex worker from the northeastern province of Maha Sarakham, who declined to be identified, told Reuters she entered Bangkok's sex trade at the age of 19 and earned up to 5,000 baht (3.14) a night, nearly 20 times the minimum wage of 300 baht (.59) per day.

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