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A Rheostat light is included which provides different levels of brightness different light conditions.

This bow sight has made a huge impact in the archery world with its innovative Retina Lock Alignment Technology.

In Italy, in 20, NATO held the nuclear war exercise Steadfast Noon, which Polish F-16s also participated in last year.

Thus Italy is violating the Treaty on Non-proliferation, whose Article 2 states: “Each non-NWS party undertakes not to receive, from any source, nuclear weapons, or other nuclear explosive devices; not to manufacture or acquire such weapons or devices; and not to receive any assistance in their manufacture.” The modernization of U. nuclear weapons deployed in Europe is part of the growing nuclear arms race.

According to estimates, the Israeli armed forces have 100-400 nuclear warheads, including H-bombs, with a power equivalent to almost 4,000 Hiroshima bombs. In addition, the United States has signed agreements to supply, to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, nuclear technology and fissile material with which they can acquire nuclear weapons.

Saudi Arabia has officially declared that does not prevent them from building or acquiring nuclear weapons with the help of Pakistan, whose nuclear weapons program they fund to the tune of 60 percent [2].

What model of democratic transition should be adopted by Tunisia and Egypt, now that they are free of the Mubarak and Ben Ali dictatorships? As he stated on 28 May in Warsaw, Poland has "charted a course for freedom that inspired many on this continent and beyond." He then singled out Warsaw’s great merits, not least the fact that the "United States and Poland have forged an exceptional bilateral defense partnership, firmly rooted in the enduring NATO alliance." To further strengthen it, President Obama and President Komorowski announced that a U. Air Force Aviation Detachment, largely made up of F-16 bombers, will be deployed on Polish territory, next to those already sold by the U. to Poland and in addition to the "anti-ballistic missile site" to be established. One can appreciate Obama’s enthusiasm for the Polish model as well as his statement : "We want to encourage the nations of the Midle-East and North Africa are struggling for transition towards democracy — especially in Egypt and Tunisia — to benefit from the Polish model." The encouragement is not only verbal.Adding those of the Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Israeli and North Korean weapons, the total number of nuclear warheads is estimated at 16,300, of which 4,350 are ready to launch.And the nuclear arms race continues the ongoing modernization of arsenals.Source : “Iran nuclear-free, Italy nuclearized”, by Manlio Dinucci, Translation John Catalinotto, Il Manifesto (Italy) , Support Voltaire Network You visit this website to seek quality analysis that enables you to forge your own understanding of today’s world.In order to continue our work, we need you to support our efforts.

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