Junjin and lee si young dating

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The transformation in her looks before the rhinoplasty is that she got a long-shaped nose, making her appearance stand, which is better for an actress.Besides the rhinoplasty, or nose job, it can be clearly seen that Lee Si-young has a larger eyelid compared to her looks during the time before her debut.As it’s seen from Lee Si-young’s predebut photos, the actress originally had a flat nose when she was born, and it isn’t a great facial shape for an actress.She decided to make a transformation on her visual, which had a good result and really suited her appearance.“There are a lot of articles has published after I talked about my plastic surgery and I couldn’t deny about the rumors since my old photos has been surfaced.People might discover about how I looked different from my past until present.” – Lee Si-young When Lee Si-young appeared as a special guest on ‘Golden Fishery-Radio Star’, aired on MBC, she was being recognized for making the national boxing team in addition to continuing her work as an actress.Shinhwa’s Junjin has revealed that he is dating Chae Minseo!He admitted in the past that he was dating someone, but then quickly clarified it was not a celebrity.

It’s usually done to reduce bagginess under the eyes, and remove excess skin from the upper eyelids.

Let’s get to know more about Lee Si-young’s plastic surgery and her transformation from debut era until latest appearance below!

No one would know that Lee Si-young had any procedure done, since her appearance looks very natural.

They had met through a common acquaintance, and have just started dating.

Junjin’s company asked his fans to watch over them.

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